How to use the Business register

(12.2.2016 klo 08:55)

Basic search

In the field Keyword / Company name, you can enter a company's name or business ID. You can find the business branches in the dropdown field called Main branch. With the Municipality -field, you can define one municipality to search by. You don't have to use all search fields, only one is required.

Please note that you will not necessarily find a company if you have filled in all search fields, if one of them is wrong and doesn't match the information in the register. Then try to use the company name or part of the company name as search criteria (remember to check the spelling).

Tip: Sometimes it's useful to enter just a part of a company's name. For example, if the company name is "Heart Systems", enter "heart" in the Keyword / Company name -field.

Detailed search

The detailed search opens up a few more search fields. To use the Sub branch -field, you must first pick a Main branch. Same goes for the Postal code and City -fields, they require that you pick a Municipality first. These restrictions are in place to prevent awfully long dropdown options in named fields. All search fields don't have to be filled, but the more of them you use, the more precise the search result will be.

Can't find your company's information in the register? You can give it to us by sending an email to