Together in the day-to-day of running a business

Concordia’s business services help support entrepreneurs in meeting the daily challenges of running a business. For entrepreneurs in our region, we offer help through all phases of a business’ life cycle in the form of guidance and development services. Our target group is entrepreneurs who want to start a new enterprise or develop an already existing business. We also organize and participate in events and visit businesses, all in order to keep in touch with our clients. We furthermore create and maintain networks through which we can pass along knowledge and contacts to our clients.

Where should I start if I want to start a business? Will my business idea work? Should I update my business plan or budget, or maybe seek external financing? Do I need a business mentor? Are other entrepreneurs facing the same challenges that I am? Concordia has the tools to help you in many different situations and can seek new solutions and tools as needed to support you in your entrepreneurship.

Sanna is specialized in helping individuals start businesses while Kari is specialized in helping entrepreneurs realize the potential of an already existing business. Get in touch with them and together get things going!



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Sanna Kankaanpää
Business Advisor
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Kari Myllymäki
Business Advisor