Regional overview in figures

What are the figures for the Jakobstad region? What will the region’s infrastructure look like in the future? Concordia’s information service can help you find key figures for the region and various studies, statistical information and reports. The information is presented via various informational maps and infographics in order to facilitate interpretation and understanding.

While our information service is primarily devised for public officials and/or municipal councilors, the content nonetheless is suitable for anyone seeking more information about the key figures for the Jakobstad region.

Asuminen ja väestö

Population & Housing

Here you will find statistics on and visualizations of the demographic information for the region, including population density and projections, age distribution, language distribution and migration patterns. Read more

Elinkeinoelämä ja työ

Trade and industry & employment

The Jakobstad region is home to Finland’s most multidimensional industry structure. Here you will find information about the region’s various business sectors, companies and trade. Read more



Here you will find visualizations of accessibility to service and the municipal services offered. Read more

Liikenne ja infrastruktuuri

Traffic & infrastructure

Here you will find statistics on traffic and commuting, including airport and port traffic. Read more