Trade and industry & employment

Elinkeinoelämä ja työ

Trade and industry & employment

The Jakobstad region is home to Finland’s most multidimensional industry structure. Here you will find information about the region’s various business sectors, companies and trade.

MapLabor force (in Swedish and Finnish)

Bar ChartGross domestic product (updated 29.11.2018)

Bar ChartIndustries - private sector workplaces (updated 18.11.2017)

Pie ChartManufacturing, is an important part of the region's trade and industries (updated 18.11.2017)

Bar ChartIndustries - all workplaces (updated 4.11.2017)

Pie ChartManufacturing industry (updated 18.11.2017)

Bar ChartGross value added (updated 4.11.2017)

Bar ChartPercentage of national revenue for selected sectors (updated 25.3.2017)

Map30 largest private employers, list (updated 18.11.2017)

Line ChartRevenue from tourism (in Swedish and Finnish)
Bar ChartLivestock production (updated 4.11.2017)

Pie ChartFur production (updated 25.3.2017)

Pie ChartVersatility (updated 18.11.2017)

Bar ChartCompanies by municipality and size (updated 4.11.2017)

Bar ChartNew businesses (updated 25.3.2017)

PresentationLife Quality 2040 – Monitoring (in Swedish)

MapMap of trade and industry (in Swedish, Suorce: Life Quality 2040)