Housing & Population

Asuminen ja väestö

Population & Housing

Here you will find statistics on and visualizations of the demographic information for the region, including population density and projections, age distribution, language distribution and migration patterns.

MapPopulation Density Map (in Swedish)

PresentationPopulation Pyramids 2015 - 2040: (in Swedish and Finnish)

Line ChartPopulation development and projection (updated 4.11.2017)

Bar ChartPopulation changes (updated 4.11.2017)

Bar ChartLevel of education (updated 4.11.2017)

Pie ChartLanguages (updated 4.11.2017)

Online MapInternal migration between the Jakobstad Region and other regions (in Swedish and Finnish, updated 17.6.2015)

MapMigration within the Jakobstad Region (in Swedish)

PresentationLife Quality 2040 - Follow Up (in Swedish)

MapPlanned land use areas (in Swedish)

MapFinnish Monitoring System of Spatial Structure (YKR), Regional Structure (in Swedish)

Settlement developmentYoutube, 1980-2000 (in Swedish)

PresentationSYKE (Finnish Environment Institute): Development of urban areas in Jakobstad 1985-2010 (in Finnish)

PresentationSYKE: Expansion of populated areas in urban Jakobstad region, changes during 2000–2012 (in Finnish)