Traffic & Infrastructure

Liikenne ja infrastruktuuri

Traffic & Infrastructure

Here you will find statistics on traffic and commuting.

Online MapCommuting (in Swedish and Finnish) (updated 8.9.2015)

MapCommuting between municipalities (updated 9.9.2015)

MapCommuting between urban and rural areas (in Swedish)

MapPublic transportation (in Swedish)
Bar ChartKarleby-Jakobstad Airport (updated 4.11.2017)

Bar ChartPort of Jakobstad (updated 4.11.2017)

Line ChartRoad construction and maintenance (updated 4.11.2017)

Pie ChartCar ownership and travel-to-work distance (updated 8.11.2017)

PresentationLife Quality 2040 – Monitoring (in Swedish)

MapMap of traffic intensity (in Swedish, source: Life Quality 2040)
MapMobility (in Swedish, source: Life Quality 2040)
MapFinnish Transport Agency: Volume of traffic (in Finnish)