Current development themes

Concordia’s current development themes are:

The Jakobstad region’s internationalization program 2015-2016
The purpose of this program is to build strategic alliances with other regions in and outside the Nordic countries, in order to strengthen the knowledge and utilization of various financing programs through which Concordia can strengthen the Jakobstad region’s attraction and visibility. The program will culminate in an international trade and industry conference, which will take place June 2016.

The Jakobstad region as an innovative environment
A major initiative during 2015-2016 is the stimulation of conditions for innovative business activities and the development of a dynamic and flexible innovation environment characterized by collaboration and user friendliness. The Allegro Living Lab project includes a bureau for research and development, a hub and a “start-up boost”. For this initiative, Concordia will work together with representatives from Novia University of Applied Sciences and the Karleby-Jakobstad Unit of the Centria University of Applied Sciences (based in Campus Allegro, Jakobstad).

Development of the tourism industry
The Jakobstad region has tasked Concordia with investigating how the tourism sector in the region and the development of such can best be organized. During 2015, Concordia together with the 7 Bridges Archipelago association has investigated the manner in which needs within and for the tourism industry can be optimally met. The intention is to collect thoughts and ideas from tourism entrepreneurs and associations, take stock of the regional interest in developing tourist sights, sales channels and resourcing.

Ensuring regional accessibility, even in the future
A common interest for the Jakobstad and Karleby regions is the ensuring of regional accessibility, whether internal or external. How, through the use of various methods to reach a destination, can the movement of people or goods be made more effective? Are the regions prepared if, in the future, changes are made to the traffic system? To be able to answer such questions we at Concordia have sought to improve the holistic view of the planning processes tangential to regional growth and accessibility and find a model for a shared structure in order to optimize the area’s travel and transport chains. Furthermore, we have sought to address the need for the improvement of the area’s international and global links to travel, logistics and infrastructure networks.

Continued facilitation of integration into the region
Concordia supports integration into the region by creating activities that involve and activate those new to the region.

Concordia also participates in various other projects related to themes offered by our cooperative partners, for example within the business sector (YES!; an entrepreneurial education service for teachers;), fur design (FutureFOXStudio; testing, development, research) and the food industry.