Talent Scout

The background to Talent Scout is the fact that it is far more challenging for smaller places to attract a skilled work force, mainly due to their location.
The aim of the Talent Scout project is to increase the region’s skills base, improve the access to a skilled work force, make it easy and attractive for immigrants and returning migrants to make decisions on their establishment, and to strengthen regional, national and international networks.

We cooperate with employers who need to recruit skilled workers, training centres and other organisations, and the target groups are both potential returning migrants and other skilled workers, national as well as international. By highlighting good examples of successful resettlement and content on the region’s positive sides to accommodation and life in general, the quality of life, for example, we want to create a greater holistic approach to attracting people to our businesses.

The Talent Scout project is being implemented in collaboration with the Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia and Kristinestad’s business centre. If you have any questions, ideas for cooperation, or want to discuss these, please contact our project managers:

The Jakobstad Region: Heidi Matinlassi, heidi.matinlassi@concordia.jakobstad.fi tel. +358 50 433 8458. More info about the region: www.jakobstadregion.fi

Kristinestad: Kaisa Mäkinen, kaisa.makinen@krs.fi tel. +358 50 357 2510. More info about the town: www.kristinestad.fi. Project Facebook page: Live & Work in Kristinestad.

Concordia is also part of the national Talent Coastline-project.

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