Studies & publications

selvitykset ja julkaisut

Here you will find a selection of the studies and publications that Concordia has either produced or funded.

The home of quality - regional brochure (2017)

Is there a need for an immigrant counsel? A survey on the need for an immigrant counsel in the Jakobstad Region (in Swedish) (2016)

Viable and optimal cooperation for tourism in the Jakobstad region (2015) ( in Swedish)

Migration patterns in the Jakobstad region 2004-2013 (2015) (in Swedish)

Life Quality 2040: the Jakobstad region’s structural plan (2013) (in Finnish)

Land use, traffic and housing (LHT) cooperation in the Jakobstad region: Definition of goals (2012) (in Finnish)

Current development of social structure in the Jakobstad region (2012) (in Finnish)

The Jakobstad region’s integration program (2011) (in Finnish)

The Karleby and Jakobstad regions’ development zones: preliminary study, final report (Finnish only) (2011)

Climate strategy for the Jakobstad region for period up to 2020 (2010) (in Swedish)

Regional strategy (2009) (in Swedish)

Earlier studies and publications:
• Culture in the Jakobstad region (2007)
• Welfare strategy (2006)
• Exploration of companies’ prospects for business (2005)
• Exploration of the internal identity of the Jakobstad region (2002-03)
Links to studies and publications relating to Ostrobothnia:
Regional Council of Ostrobothnia regional developmen, regional strategy (in Swedish)
Regional Council of Ostrobothnia spatial planning general information, regional spatial planning (in Swedish)