Mission statement

Concordia acts as a connective force and catalyst in the development of the Jakobstad region. Our mission is to discover new possibilities and provide a good foundation for development and growth. Together with our owners, local businesses, public (state) organizations and other interested parties we create the conditions for successful trade and industry and an attractive region that is competitively placed in national and international contexts.

The development of local businesses and the region are fundamental to Concordia’s mission. Our activities primarily consist of business advisory services and development as well as the realization of strategically important development entities, in accordance with the Jakobstad region’s shared strategic program. Concordia plays an important coordinating role in bringing together actors and stakeholders around the region’s shared development measures. We work to ensure that the strategic objectives of the region are realized and work toward discovering those enduring developmental ideas that will carry the region into the future. Part of our mission also includes the protecting of regional interests and marketing and profiling the Jakobstad region, in conjunction with other actors and stakeholders. We actively work to create large networks and forums to ensure that our clients and other interested parties can benefit from our work and achieve success through cooperation.